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Important Information About Firearms in California
There are strict Federal and State guidelines to owning and possessing Firearms.
We are required to abide by these rules.
To purchase a gun in California, the following conditions must be met:

This applies to any type of gun made after 1898 that fires a fixed cartridge.
This applies to certain modern muzzle loaders also. 
1. Valid California ID or Driver's license
2. Ten (10) day waiting period.
3. $25 for gun registration as well as background check
4 .Clean criminal and mental health record
5. Valid California Drivers License or California Identification Card
6. Firearm Safety Certificate
          -This means that you will need to pass a 30-question test, in the store, to receive this certificate.
There is a $25 fee and it is good for five years. Unless you carry one of the following exemptions:

- Active or Retired peace officer
- Active or Retired military
- Peculiar and limited authority peace officer (Guard Card)
- Carry Concealed Weapons permit for CA.  Out of state CCWs are not recognized in CA
- Certified firearms instructors
- FFL holders
- For Long Guns ( Shotguns, Rifles, Receivers), a valid Hunting License will work as an exemption.

Special Note: If your current address DOES NOT match the address on your CDL or CID then you must provide  proof of residency regardless of type of purchase.  This MUST be Government issued.  DMV Registration is the easiest to obtain.

7. All handgun purchases require  proof of residency.  The following are valid forms.
a. DMV Registration
b. Term Lease agreement
c. Utility bill within the last 90 days.
d. Property Deed.
e. California issued licensed with expiration date (In addition to CDL or CID)

8. When you purchase or pick up your firearm, you will need to perform a safety demonstration with the gun you are purchasing, in the store.
This requires that you follow all safety rules, checking to see that the firearm is unloaded, removing a trigger lock from the gun, loading a dummy round into the gun and chambering the round, and unloading and relocking the firearm.

9. Before leaving the store, you MUST have a California approved lock box, cable lock, or trigger lock on your firearm.
           - Due to our new location there is no exception to this rule. -

10. You will need to have your right thumbprint taken (this is done in the store).

Other important rules

Firearm must be picked up within 30 days of purchase. If the firearm is not picked up within 30 days, the store is required by law to resubmit the individual information to CA DOJ and an additional fee of $35 applies.

If the firearm is not picked up within the 30 days of purchase, a storage fee of $5.00 per day is imposed.

Only one NEW handgun can be purchased every 30 days. This restriction does not apply to long guns.  

If a person does not pass the background test or if they change their mind on the purchase, a $125 cancellation fee is charged ($25 for the non-refundable DROS fee and $100 for the stores re-stocking policy).

If DOJ cannot determine a buyer's eligibility, the buyer status will be considered undetermined.  In the event of an undetermined status, the buyer will get a refund EXCEPT for the DROS processing fee ( $25).  If and FSC test was taken, that too will not be refunded.  

It is the responsibility of the firearm purchaser to know if they are eligible to purchase a firearm. They can go to the CA DOJ website for more information or to begin the self-check procedure. 

The fee for our store to receive an internet transfer purchase is $125 registration included, also California Sales tax must be collected on the firearm. All internet transfer fees must be paid in cash or check at time of service, NOT pickup.

For Military Personnel stationed in California.  If you do not have a California ID or Driver License, then you must provide your out of state ID or Driver License, Military ID, and a copy of your orders.  You can bring the original orders and we can make a copy in the store. 

Regarding Private Party Transfers

All private party transfers will only be accepted before 3:00 pm of each day.

Guns must come in a case or a case must be bought in store at the expense of the owner or transferee.

All Rifles that have a "California Bullet Button" or equivalent must have a ten round magazine with the gun or the transfer will not be accepted.  If there are magazines available for sale you may buy one in store.

From the transferee we will need proof of California residency (Driver's License or ID), Firearms Safety Certificate or an exemption, as well as secondary proof of residency as stated above.  From the seller we will need proof of California residency.  If any of the parties doing a transfer are a permanent resident then the permanent residency card must be presented as well. 

If the transferee fails to pick up the gun in the allotted time (30 days from the date of transfer) both parties will have to return to the store and resubmit paperwork for the transfer.  In addition a 5$ per day fee will be enforced for the storage of the gun past the allotted 30 days.

If the transferee is denied on his firearm purchase, then the original seller of the firearm will have to come back for the gun provided they are eligible to own firearms.  In the event the buyer is denied a background check will be conducted on the seller to ensure eligibility.

All private party transfer fees must be paid in cash or check at time of service, NOT pickup.